Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Hero or Villain? Chicago Grandmother Margaret Matthews Shoots Troublesome 12-Year-Old Boy

Is the gun-wielding widow who wounded a menacing 12-year-old boy a hero or a dangerous granny with a gun who over-reacted? That's the debate stirred by the actions of an elderly woman on Chicago's South Side  this week.

On Tuesday, Margaret Matthews, 68, decided she'd had enough of two young boys, ages 12 and 13, who she said had been harassing her in her South Shore home for more than a year. When she returned to her home near 76th St. and Coles Ave. from grocery shopping that day, she noticed broken windows and the two boys running away.
When they returned, the widowed grandmother stood on her porch and confronted them. Allegedly, they replied by hurling bricks and rocks at her. She said one hit her in the chest.


  1. total hero kids now a days are full retard

  2. It is what the cops are for, exactly these situations. Yes... everyone, please, take a gun. You can shoot a 12 year old.

  3. I would have shot them too lol. They sound like punks.

  4. She shouldn't of shot them. Let police take care of them. But then again. The police are useless when it comes to dealing with issues like this.

  5. Can't blame anyone for shooting people who are doing something they shouldn't be.
    Don't put yourself in situations like that.
    They are of the age to know better.

  6. well , a warning shot would be fine. but it's a little bit too much when you hit them